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    Intervention monitoring

    DELTA FORCE DISPATCH CENTRAL coordinates and steers the intervention crews permanently to the protected site, ensuring the efficient collaboration of all the forces involved. Signals automatically generated from local detection and warning systems or manually triggered by the “Hold-up” alarm systems installed at the BENEFICIARY are retrieved via the Delta Force radio transmitter or via the fixed line and are transmitted and interpreted by Dispatcher depending on alarm type: fire, burglary, hold-up (panic), etc.

    This information is recorded, retrieved and archived in Central Delta Force Dispatcher.

    ACTION – During the event, the Dispatcher maintains constant contact with the Rapide Reaction Force Crews with other intervention forces and also with the BENEFICIARY.

    DELTA FORCE INTERVENTION TEAM – it is composed of its own intervention agents, of high operational performance, highly skilled experts selected, trained permanently.

    Intervention teams are equipped with inscribed cars with the Delta Force logo, individually high performance and quality equipment, suitable for effective intervention in any type of situation.

    After the burglary or Hold-up has been resolved, the Delta Force crew will guard the attacked object until the BENEFICIARY arrives.