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    Security and protection

    PROFESSIONALISM – if you need a receptionist agents or agents to patrol to ensure your non-stop security, Delta Force personnel will be specially prepared for the place of security guarding.

    This way the agents will perform promptly and accurately the services requested by you.

    COLLABORATION – security guard agents are constantly supported by fast intervention teams specially equipped and trained for such situations and, of course, collaborating with the police crews, there are protocols concluded between the police stations and our society.

    SECURITY AGENTS – According to the company’s values, each employee of Delta Force is a professional who demonstrates team spirit, loyalty to the company and its partners and last but not least a constant desire to improve its performance. Thus, the company recruits with great care the staff – both operative and executive – which includes first of all their supervision at least one month before the employment file is prepared and then step by step its professional activity.

    PREPARATION AND TRAINING – the training of our agents involves a solid theoretical basis – both through the training program required by the legislation in force and through our specialized staff. Of course, training is not limited to classrooms, with an intensive training program, specially trained for each assignment, respectively for each goal being guarded.

    THE SAFETY AGENTS EQUIPMENT – walkie talkie, gun – where the situation imposes it, tonfa, irritant spray – tear gas and electroshock, flashlight, metal detector.

    SAFETY – Delta Force has concluded an insurance policy regarding the damages caused by the fault of the employees of our company, concluded with CITY INSURANCE for the amount of 150.000 EURO/event, 450.000 EURO/aggregate.